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1.) Are you 21+?

Dallas - Louie's Dallas is 21+ establishment. 18+ is welcomed if accompanied by a parent/legal guardian with matching identification.

Colorado Springs - Louie's Springs is strictly 21+.

2.) What time does the show start

Dallas - Louie's Dallas opens its doors at 7:00pm with the show starting at 8:00pm. The piano show goes continuously until 2:00am when we close.

Colorado Springs - Louie's Springs opens its doors at 6:00 pm with the show starting at 7:00pm. The piano show goes continuously until 1:00am.

3.) Are reservations required?

Both locations don't require reservations, but strongly recommend them for guaranteed seating before the show.

4.) Do you sell food?

Dallas - Louie's Dallas has food, and you can find our food menu on our website.

Colorado Springs - Louie's Springs has packaged snacks available and encourages food to be purchased through our neighbors. 

5.) Can we bring outside food or drinks in?

Both locations allow outside food in. No beverages are allowed to be taken inside or outside either establishment. 

6.) I have lost an item. When can I get it?

Call us or send us an email, and we will get back to you when you can pick up your card or lost item.

Dallas - (214) 741 - 3600 or

Colorado Springs - (719) 698 - 9672 or

7.) What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground Beef!