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a person sitting on a stage playing instruments

Chris White

Drink of choice: None currently, he probably got in trouble...

Plays: Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Fiddle and Trash Cans


  • Whiskey
  • Butts
  • Coffee
  • Saturday morning cartoons in the nude
  • Using Frisbees as cereal bowls
  • Tattoos
  • Mom jeans
  • Terrible bands
  • Women
  • Intro to Bad Boyz I and II
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Anything with Will Smith (except for Wild West and The Willinium Album)


  • Star Trek fans
  • Steve Buscemi's face
  • Duck Dynasty
  • Men
  • Mark Guerrero's elbows
  • Fake tan girls
  • Vodka
  • Disney Movies
  • Seth Rogan's laugh